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Scottish Rite has traditions that are built on a solid foundation. Our traditions are built upon patriotism, Brotherly Love, benevolence, encouraging all that is good, kindness and charity, standing up against all that is cruel and oppressive. It encourages all of its members to do good to others, to forgive enemies, to love neighbors, and to return good for evil. The Scottish Rite embraces the highest moral laws that will withstand the test of any ethics or philosophy.

Human Progress is our cause. Our Supreme Wish is Liberty of Thought. Our Mission is Freedom of Conscience. Our ultimate Goal is the Guarantee of Equal Rights to All People.

After, joining the Fraternity, a Master Mason soon discovers a wealth of additional opportunities to learn about and to participate in Freemasonry. While there are no more important degrees in Freemasonry other than the first 3 Degrees, there is a long tradition almost as old as Freemasonry and these are called the “High Degrees”. These “High Degrees” expand upon and elaborate the teachings and lessons of the first 3 Degrees.

Degrees and Honors

The Scottish Rite is a collection of Degrees that build upon the 3 Blue Lodge degrees.

  • The Scottish Rite offers 30 Degrees beyond the “Master Mason Degree”.

  • Each Degree is based upon an idea of progressive ethical self-knowledge through self-reflection and dramatic allegories.

Degree Conferrals take place during a “Reunion” which is another term for an Initiation Class. These Conferrals typically take place at the 1, 2, or 4 day Reunion. Each October there is a Scottish Rite Class conducted in Italy. The Degrees that are conferred are the 4°, 14°, 18°, 29°, 30°, and the 32°. The other Degrees, up to the 32°, that not conferred are presented in lectures.

Honors are offered to those members that have contributed to Masonry and The Scottish Rite. This award is “Knights Commander Court of Honor” (KCCH) it is not a degree. It is to honor members of outstanding ability and commitment.

The last degree is 33°. This is a degree unlike the KCCH. Therefore although you are invested with the title and decoration of the KCCH the 33° is conferred upon you. This degree is divided into two categories, Honoraries and Actives. Actives are members of the Supreme Council but, the majority are Honoraries and recognized for service to the Scottish Rite.


In an effort to fulfill our call to advance human progress, the Scottish Rite Foundation offers a number of scholarship opportunities for young men and women to attend College or Vocational School.

These Scholarships are not necessarily for students with the highest grade point average but, are for students who show potential due to their leadership abilities, volunteer experience, participation in social, civic, religious, and Fraternal activities or whoever have overcome hardships or disabilities.

Disaster Relief

We are concerned with “suffering humanity” and have provided assistance to people and communities affected by disasters such as hurricanes, fires, floods, and earthquakes. In recent years, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite has also provided relief to those affected by COVID 19, and those impacted by the fire devastation in Australia.

The Rite Care Program

RiteCare Scottish Rite Childhood Language Program (SRCLP) clinics provide diagnostic evaluation and treatment of speech and language disorders, as well as learning disabilities. There are SRCLP clinics, centers, and special programs operating or planned for children and therapists located throughout the United States.

Funding for the SRCLP is provided by the Scottish Rite Foundation, Southern Jurisdiction, USA, Inc., and local Scottish Rite Foundations. The RiteCare Program is open to anyone, regardless of the family's ability to pay.


In 2013, the Orient of the District of Columbia welcomed the integration of the Brethren of the American Military Scottish Rite Bodies (AMSRB) into the Valley of Washington. This group is primarily composed of active and retired U.S. military personnel, and has its origin in the Letters Temporary issued by Sovereign Grand Commander Henry C. Clausen, 33° in May 1968 to a group of enthusiastic Scottish Rite Brethren stationed in the UK and at the European NATO bases. Although originally attached to the Orient of California for administrative purposes, this group flourished and on 23 October 1969, was issued a Permanent Charter. In 1985, the AMSRB, ceased to be a Valley of that Orient, and was fully constituted as the Orient of NATO, with Ill. Robert “Woody” Woodward, 33° as Deputy of the Supreme Council.

With the passage of time the number of American Forces in Europe have drawn down significantly and in 2012, the Orient was directed that it was to be reconstituted as the AMSRB NATO Club, and became a part of the Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia.

We elect officers, hold regular meetings, participate in honoring outstanding JROTC students at the American high schools in England, Germany, and Italy.

RECOGNIZED MASTER MASONS that are serving in the military as well as US Passport holders either Military or Civilians within Europe can become a member of the AMSRB NATO Club.

The AMSRB-NATO Club Emblem or Seal

The American Military Scottish Rite Bodies – North Atlantic Treaty Organization Club, generally abbreviated as AMSRB-NATO Club, is a club organization which gathers and selects Master Masons who are active or retired from the American armed forces with the NATO military alliance to join the Scottish Rite. The emblem of the AMSRB-NATO Club, devised in 2020, consists of several elements which may be described thusly:

A blue field charged with a classic white compass rose which also appears as a four-pointed star with the points pointing in the four cardinal directions. The compass rose or star is itself charged with a Scottish Rite eagle, using the official eagle emblem currently authorized by the Southern Jurisdiction, USA.

The field is blue because blue represents the Atlantic Ocean and is the official color of the NATO military alliance. Blue also alludes to the Craft and Blue Lodge Masonry specifically from whose ranks all Scottish Rite Masons are drawn.

The blue field is encircled by a series of rings. The single white ring which edges the blue field alludes to the First Degree and the innocent neophyte who is first initiated as an Entered Apprentice Mason. The white ring is also an emblem of NATO and symbolizes the unity of its member states.

There are two cable-tow ropes which allude to the Second Degree of the Fellowcraft Mason; one of which appears just outside the white ring and the other forms the outermost ring.

Finally, there appear three rings of chain which allude to the Third Degree and the Master Mason. Each chain represents a specific group of members within the Club and each link represents the individual members. The outermost chain represents the members currently on active duty. The middle chain represents the members who have retired from their military service. The innermost chain represents the members who came this way before and have since passed on to the Celestial Lodge.

The compass rose or four-pointed star has been a part of the official emblem of NATO since 1953. As a NATO emblem it symbolizes the direction towards the path to peace which is the goal of all member states.

The double-headed eagle which is superimposed upon the NATO compass rose is the official authorized version of Scottish Rite of Freemasonry’s Southern Jurisdiction, USA, to which the Club is beholden. The name of Club (AMSRB NATO Club) appears spanning the upper left and upper right quadrants of the blue field. Spanning the lower quadrants are the words: “Scottish Rite – Orient of DC” which indicates the Club’s attachment to the Scottish Rite’s Orient of the District of Columbia in Washington, DC.

Knights of St. Andrew (KSA)

The Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) is a special group of 32° Scottish Rite Freemasons dedicated to provide service on behalf of the Scottish Rite. There are a number of Knights of St. Andrew (KSA) chapters throughout the country. Our Chapter exists to provide service to the Ancient Free and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, AMSRB-NATO Club, Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia.

The types of service performed include, assist in reunions and Scottish Rite degree work, acting as greeters, providing escort services for dignitaries and ladies attending Scottish Rite functions, serving as guides, presenting of colors, and provide aid to any Scottish Rite event.

Ill. James Barrett 33°, (Germany) Personal Representative of SGIG Len Proden, Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia serves as our Secretary.

Ill. Ronald Reynolds 33°, (Italy) Personal Representative of SGIG Len Proden, Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia serves as coordinator for our Scottish Rite classes.

Valley of Washington, Orient of the District of Columbia
The Supreme Council, 33°, Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction, USA

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